Flying into the Nation’s Capital to Test My Mettle as Some Chattel

Arielle Greenberg

            everybody gets a car!
on the airport TV Oprah is jumping up + down + screaming

            so it is about stuff after all

            the poor know there’s no romance in poverty
+ this is America after all

            mostly I’m worried about leaving my house
+ sleeping with the bedbugs
have a plan to keep the lights on all night

            but my body is an unlit place
a deep ego pit
better bring Pema Chodron book in my personal carry-on item

            a guy in front of me has an arrowhead tattoo on the back of his neck

            we are halfway to spring
feast of Brigid
goddess of poetry + midwifery
two things I love so I guess the pagans do have the last say
may become one of them

            I am trying to be uncynical
I am trying to be a thunderbird
but even the thunderbirds look ironic

            the people of the People’s Temple in its early days
say it was the real thing
it was Love
Jim Jones himself was kind + generous
maybe it was the speed or power
but I just read about the vats + the children injected with the liquid or having it poured over them
+ the screaming, caught on tape

            I feel so sick
I have to throw the whole article directly into the garbage
I vow I will never make a joke about drinking Kool-Aid again
but I probably won’t keep it

            I vow I will be a thunderbird

            I do want to get a car
I’m talking to Rich about the 84 Benz converted to run on Straight Vegetable Oil
but you have to start + finish up with a flush of diesel

            the self is a cave

            but there’s a flicker
there’s a molten core

            I need to shake off the massacre
or be with the massacre
+ the juiced children

            + the current revolution in Egypt

            I want to love all these people
as we travel into the air
into the capital where the Pentagon is back on the ground

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