Your Life is The Bed I’m Gonna Lay Down In

Alex Lemon

Nothing is quite the savor
That was promised. No salvage
In the rough & tumble but still
The darksome bellows down
Below songs: Heartbreaker.
Consuming the tragedies. Clang
Smut. Lately, I’m feeling
Too much—so let me give
You a sliver of the ecstatic.
The emptying darkness cracks
Open. I’m terrible with names
But I want the whole grist
Mill to pile on. This body wants
To break out of itself. Listen
To the dirt mattress gossip
Its buryings. Tentatively,
I’m long dead. Come sunup
Everyone will taste brutal,
Become a vessel of waltzing
Light. The moral of this
Proposition is to find a way
To leave them crying. I have
Fifteen dollars—I’d love to hear
You speak through that mask.
Tell them that everything is
Wonderful, but you won’t be
Back for a long time. The fun
Cage is open for business, always.
We’re going to call whatever
Happens Deer Hunting & Fantastic
Go Ahead
for the narrowing vision
After the tendering. You’ll be all
Light, turned inside out & never
Going back. You’ll be glowing no
Sleep the whole paradise tomb.

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