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July 7-12, 2018

The Writers Workshop for Teachers

A creative writing workshop designed for high school teachers who love to write, the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop for Teachers combines the generative spirit of the Kenyon summer writing workshops with a new focus on classroom practices meant to encourage student creative writing. Our five-day intensive program is part writers’ retreat and part professional development, exposing teachers to a range of prompts and strategies meant to inspire their own work as well as the work of their future students. Come to reconnect with your own inner writer—the one often lost beneath piles of grading!—and leave with new work and new techniques for incorporating creative writing and contemporary literature into your classroom teaching. Throughout the week, we’ll take advantage of the history and resources of the Kenyon Review by engaging with recent work published in the print and online versions of the magazine and discussing ways to incorporate contemporary literature into our own classrooms.

Participant teachers will approach creative writing as a teaching tool capable of inspiring diverse student populations to create and interpret complex texts. Together, we’ll discuss strategies for inspiring, coaching, and evaluating all phases of the writing process, from initial inspiration to the sharing of student work. Topics covered include poetry, short stories, personal narratives, creative nonfiction, emulative assignments, and process writing, as well as interactive models for student collaboration, peer editing, and revision. Along the way, there will be multiple opportunities to exchange best practices for the teaching of creative writing and to discuss potential adaptations for our own specific student populations.

Kenyon will provide all participating educators with .25 credit, transcripts, and course descriptions to be used in meeting any continuing professional development requirements, although individual school and state requirements vary.

Each class is limited to 12 participants. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, and we make every effort to notify applicants within four weeks of application. The application consists of the online application form, a resume, and a lesson plan. The lesson plan should be a brief (300 words or less) description of a favorite creative writing lesson plan (real or imagined) for high school students. Based on your application, you will be assigned one of the following instructors: Erick Gordon or Brad Richard.

There is a limited amount of partial scholarship support available for this workshop. Financial support of up to $800 per person will be awarded on a first-come basis. To be considered for financial aid, please fill out the financial aid portion of the online application.

Questions? Please email or call 740-427-5196

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