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The 2013 Kenyon Review Literary Festival featuring Carl Phillips

This year, The Kenyon Review Literary Festival will honor the work of the distinguished poet Carl Phillips. In anticipation of Phillips’ visit to our campus this November, many of us here at Kenyon and in the surrounding community are reading and discussing his book Double Shadow, as well as the chapbook “Radiance Versus Ordinary Light.” Whether you’re local to Gambier or a world away, you can be a part of this celebration of Phillips’ work. For the month of October, we’ll be featuring posts on our blog that delve into Double Shadow and “Radiance Versus Ordinary Light”; we invite you to read along and offer your own responses in the comments sections. To get started, you can download Radiance Versus Ordinary Light for free below. We look forward to hearing your ideas and impressions.

Download “Radiance Versus Ordinary Light,” a Carl Phillips chapbook

Download the Teacher’s Guide for “Radiance Versus Ordinary Light”

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