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Kenyon Review Newsletter - April 2013

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Why We Chose It

Why We Chose It
By Tyler Meier, Managing Editor

Tyler MeierAfter the Uprising” came to us as the last poem from Shane McCrae’s new book, Blood, just out from Noemi Press. It’s a partner poem to the first in the book, “Heads,” some thunder back at that original lightning. “After the Uprising” begins this way:

          Well some of us escaped
          into the swamp and some of us
          Snuck back quick to our masters         and our masters knew
          who stayed

To begin this poem is to immediately be set into a world that we can contextualize from American history . . .

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From the KR Archives
Ursula K. Le Guin
Spring has been a long time in coming this year in Ohio. As the last snow finally melts, enjoy this celebration of the season as it finally dawns across the landscape of this Ohio, our Ohio, generous with its gifts of weather.

The Kenyon Review, New Series, Spring 1987, Vol. IX, No. 2

In that Ohio
by Ursula K. Le Guin

They ring bells in the marshes,

little bells in the evening in choruses.
It is trilling season.
A bird before sunrise
sings B, B-flat, B, over and over

and all day these three notes
are just out of hearing. Violets
flaunt, springs start from dirt
as if there was nothing to flowing.

Claudia CorteseFrom KRO
Hurricane Irene Fingers My Hair
by Claudia Cortese

The night is light-webbed, silver-ribbed—all spearmint-
scented ghost fuzz, all dancing the dance of end days,

of the Kingdom of What Is Not: a black so black it neons,
a green so green it furs our skin like leaves, like wolves.

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From the KR BlogNatalie Shapero
All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go
March 13, 2013 — Natalie Shapero

Whenever Anne Sexton received a rejection letter from a magazine, she would add it to an ever-growing stack she kept in a filing cabinet. Sexton used to say that God was monitoring her rejections pile, waiting for the moment when she reached maximum discouragement and He could finally command, “Take her. She’s got a file cabinet full of rejections. Time for a little mercy.”

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