Two poems from Dissolve

Sherwin Bitsui

From Dissolve

The mind’s wind
unlaces hammering
over pixilated heel bones
clasped to the nerve endings
of my fingers’ ghosts.

These hands glocked
in a hive of red ants
swan through children
grunting at the bank
of one language
while the other
tethers moonlight to firelight.

Their dark flitting
unthreads this land
from deveined searchlights
groping for embers in irises
that blur while blinking.

From Dissolve

Bluing under a dimming North Star,
the Reservation’s ghost
paws cartilage pincered from a digital cloud.

Its gnawed bones’ opaque sigh—
the pallor of bleached wasp eggs,
throbs on tree knobs
        penciled in with burnt ivory smell.

Rising out of the uranium pond—
home picks: bird flight
from a cartouche box,
        it then becomes a chain of floating islands.

Dinétah. 2016.

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