The Night You Questioned the Purpose of Flowers

Frankie Romano

2007 Second Prize

So I’m sitting kissing Molly Ringwald—
I can’t feel my fingers so I’m not going to try.
My eyes are slipping down her shirt but I can’t see a thing,
well she says there’s nothing to see.
Billy’s in the closet going blind.
Mama wont open the door, no no.
She started smoking cigarettes to calm her shaking nerves
but her teeth grind in her sleep so I fail to see the use.
You weren’t looking when baby was drowning,
you were chewing your nails and saying your Hail Mary’s,
but Mary’s up in heaven with baby now
and your bible’s in the dresser drawer
so don’t you preach to me about faith,
because faith doesn’t even have hands.

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