Past Recipients of the Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers

The Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers
Past Award Recipients

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2013 • 513 Entrants

  • First Prize: Ian Burnette, Greenville, South Carolina: “Full Blood”
  • Runner Up: Alicia Lai, State College, Pennsylvania: “Saung”
  • Runner Up: Anne Hucks, Greenville, South Carolina: “Mobile”

2012 • 655 Entrants

2011 • 549 Entrants

  • First Prize: Natalie Landers, Tarrant, Alabama: “Ode to Words”
  • Runner Up: Hayun Cho, Wilmette, Illinois: “Halmoni”
  • Runner Up: Emily Nason, Columbia, South Carolina: “Ripening”
  • Honorable Mention: Kathleen Cole, Mauldin, South Carolina: “We Come From a Town With Only Two Buildings”; Kaiyuh Cornberg, Natick, Massachusetts: “At Register 6”

2010 • 590 Entrants

  • First Prize: Anna Faison, Aiken, South Carolina: “Han”
  • Runner Up: Emma Broder, Hamden, Connecticut: “Nkoaranga”
  • Runner Up: Megan Gallagher, Greenville, South Carolina: “Clutch”
  • Special Merit: Kevin Hong, Needham, Massachusetts: “The Rose Mooncake”; Mallory Weiss, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey: “no need to fight retrospect embarrassment”; Vienna Wagner, Carmel, Indiana: “Esther”

2009 • 615 Entrants

  • First Prize: Felicity Sheehy, Jefferson Valley, New York: “Letter”
  • Second Prize: Haley Markbreiter, New York, New York: “The Solitude of Hungarians”
  • Third Prize: Arbil López, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Ciudad”

2008 • 945 Entrants

  • First Prize: Molly Brown, Sweet Briar, Virginia: “Terra Incognita”
  • Second Prize: Weihui Lu, Flushing, New York: “(why) can’t i hear you anymore?”
  • Third Prize: Samantha Berstler, Morristown, New Jersey: “Self-Portrait (she can’t write poetry)”
  • Special Merit: Sarah Konowitz, Canton, Massachusetts: “Minnesota Soldier”; Nadia Qari, Allendale, New Jersey: “Directions to Follow”; Hannah Crum, Corvallis, Oregon: “Ornaments (My grandmother)”

2007 • 1,255 Entrants

  • First Prize: Rebekah Latour, Clemson, South Carolina: “Twisted Like Dogwood”
  • Second Prize: Frankie Romano, Bellmore, New York: “The Night You Questioned the Purpose of Flowers”
  • Third Prize: Hannah Irvin, Birmingham, Alabama: “For My Father”
  • Honorable Mention: Celeste Brewer, Greenville, South Carolina: “Gemini”
  • Special Merit: Zoe Bursztajn-Illingworth, Cambridge, Massachusetts: “No Spaces”;Laura Nuckols, Minnetonka, Minnesota: “Caiodh”; Natalie Reinhart, New Hope, Alabama: “Roman Spring”

2006 • 1,132 Entrants

  • First Prize: Justine Li, Laguna Niguel, California: “El Norte”
  • Second Prize: Laura Winnick, Hamden, Connecticut: “A Quantum Leap”
  • Third Prize: Dan Li, Palo Alto, California: “A Heap of Fruits”
  • Honorable Mention: Anne Greenberg, Westfield, New Jersey: “Upon Discovering the Disappearance of My Left Hand”
  • Special Merit: Tara Wright, Hermitage, Tennessee: “I Don’t Think Thunder”; Molly Shannon, Southfield, Michigan: “Holiday in Fallujah”; Katharine Locke, Raleigh, North Carolina: “Just Fine”; Danielle Bishop, Grand Rapids, Ohio: “The Rower’s Daybreak”


  • First Prize: Emma Hansen, Peacham, Vermont: “Good Morning America”
  • Second Prize: Sarah Winsberg, Rochester, New York: “Evolution”
  • Third Prize: Amrita Khalid, Idyllwild, California: “Apology for the Death of Your Father”
  • Honorable Mention: Andrea Harris, Dorchester, Massachusetts: “Lynching: 1998”
  • Honorable Mention: Talia Hershewe, Reno, Nevada: “Naming Last Names”
  • Special Merit: Bridget Behrmann: “Shifting”; Liza Flum: “Turning Red”; Carolyn Kerchof: “on”; Jenna McNair: “Fallen”
  • Special Merit: Katherin Monasterio: “Rush Hour”
  • Special Merit: Esei Murakishi: “Encephalogram”


  • First Prize: Robin Myers, Maplewood, New Jersey: “A Birth”
  • Second Prize: Madeline Weinstein, Wellesley, Massachusetts: “Art Appreciation”
  • Third Prize: Laura Bennett, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: “Spilled Rice”
  • Honorable Mention: Mohammed Abbasi, Brooklyn, New York: “War Season”
  • Honorable Mention: Emma Hulse, Indianapolis, Indiana: “To Sylvia”
  • Honorable Mention: Keith Yoder, Elkhart, Indiana: “Share My Soul”

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