The Baby

David Rutschman

The baby is by itself on a blanket. Expanse of grass, expanse of gray sky. The man flinches, and the flinch becomes a little shiver, a shiver of disgust almost.…

The Deed

Gordon Lish

Before I die, which, you know, could happen—who can say when?—which could, for that matter, happen, for instance, right in the midst of my sitting here writing this, I would…

Poem; Portents

James Henry Knippen

Poem Like a yellow light means drive faster. Like the metal stem of an umbrella makes one feel larger in a lightning storm. Like night makes passages vaster. Like death…

Amanhecer [1]

Michel Vachey

Translated from French by S. C. Delaney and Agnès Potier He’d advance, believe he advanced; certainly he’d walk along this beachfront or skirt this mythical town, where he enjoyed himself…

The Path to the Saints

Thomas Mira y Lopez

In 2008, microbiologists discovered two new species of bacteria growing within the Catacombs of Priscilla in Rome. The discovery thrilled the admittedly narrow set of biologists, since the bacteria’s existence…


Adam Giannelli

        Into pelt and sheen, rattans bond, tight-
slatted. At rest, sheaved
        from the front, it is wickerwork, canebrake,
                quiver of arrows, but when
provoked it erupts as bayonets, asterisk, threshing floor, …

The Secret

Peter Grandbois

Stan had been keeping a secret from those around him for a very long time. A big secret. He kept the secret from his wife. He kept the secret from…

Uzumasa Limelight

Lisa Chen

Village East Cinema: the twilight show of Uzumasa Limelight. I lean into the swinging door of Theater 3. The room swooshes open, empty as a toothless mouth. I am inside…

Let’s Make Up Jack

Chris Drangle

Let’s make up Jack. No, Sutton. Sutton would be thirty-two, an out-of-work machinist in a little town in Missouri. Because everyone in Missouri is a blue-collar cliché? OK, he’s a…

By the Pantheon

Weike Wang

The wife has asked the tour guide what happens when it rains. There is a hole in the ceiling that is open to the sky. Here the tour guide pauses.…


Doug Ramspeck

Every time I walk here with this black ground beneath me and the old hills with their bald backs and the skyways of dust on the ancient road up to…

Church of Birds

Micah Dean Hicks

The swan boy lives in an abandoned church in a sleepy, green town by the river. He is small and young-looking still, though he is sixteen now and has been…

Production of Silk

Miho Nonaka

Heavenly Worm Mrs. Itō, our fourth-grade teacher, drew a new kanji character on the board: 蚕. “Worm from heaven,” she announced, “as you can see.” Heaven splits open like a…

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