The Astronauts; The Piñata

Judy Brown

The Astronauts

“Neil, we missed the whole thing.” (Buzz Aldrin, on coming back to earth and watching videotapes of the moon landings)

Each one of us was a first born. It was winter
then, cut-glass solstice daylight.

Information Age

Christopher Kempf

             Those weekends, while
                          Bradleys gathered
    on Kuwait’s northern border, their barrels…

Blue Bossa

Lois Taylor

This was thirty years ago. I hadn’t been to New York. I hadn’t been anywhere. We stayed at the Abbey Victoria on Seventh Avenue, which I had found from the travel agent who had a booth in the dry cleaner’s next door.…


A. Naji Bakhti

I heard this theory once that if you toss a newborn into a swimming pool he’ll come out the other side kicking.…

Other People’s Words: in friendship

Kilby Smith-McGregor

In my grade five class play, performed at the Halton Waldorf School in Campbellville, Ontario, I found myself cast in an entirely unsatisfactory role. It was a very small part, with minimal stage time, and hardly any lines.…


Joshua Rivkin

How to measure a landscape from within its grid? The world is accordion and unfair.…

After All

Richard Lange

Their second day of walking, Bunny said to the Bear, When we gettin’ there? and the Bear said, Shit, this is nothin’.…


Atar Hadari

Characters: PAUL GUARD—a Japanese jailer JOHN—in three different costumes Setting: A door with a spy-hole in it. A bed. A potty. A guitar. No color whatsoever. The light is of…


Kit Haggard

In the beginning, they fucked in the dark, the lightlessness making new strangers of them. Cold and hungry and blind, she had the body she’d always wanted. The air itself—black—was…


Kirk Nesset

The girl wanders for weeks, if not years. She happens at last on the prince in the woods; he was blinded by briars in his fall from the tower. She embraces him, weeps. …

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