Oh, Dodo. You Can’t

Allison Hutchcraft

From So Legged and Footed

Oh, Dodo. You can’t
      do what others do.
            You’re caught up
in a wild
      bulb of a beak— 

there are sunsets tied
      to your
            dum-dum feet.
Your dreams
      are floral-scented.

Little wings, token
      and tucked,
            have they ever had
such fears of flying?
      Why, this world

is strange—it tries me.
            I miss you.
No one has your charm.
      When I fell in love,

the earth was an iron-
      blue bruise.
            I can say this
to you, who expect nothing,
      no new news.

Yes, it’s better here
      on the ground.
            I was angled,
sun-stunned and tossed
      when I thought

I saw you
            and streaming.
Your island was near
      and those oceans.

In my dreaming,
      you kept charging,
            then falling
      blue-eyed and blunted.

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