Secretive Soil Fauna; Exhibition

Emily Wilson

Secretive Soil Fauna

of the fungi
I have done

apart no crime
can come

sintered slew
mite and nematode

accosting in
the earliest makeshift

roots’ most intimate

ever you crowd
the crowded shades

close to
blue mold spikes

impacts of

the inexhaustible
crimp and sinus

plot just
how it is you

think you can
come in here and

scut the fatty mastics

the antagonies
the parsimonies


And where would you have put
The imaginary annelid if not in the comic
Near-embrace of the black lacquered scorpion
All in the glow of the bowl of a sulphur
Yellow tulip whose stem promptly ends
Implying a surface, strange vertical slatted
Shadow “under” the upturned filbert
Cups as if they rest in a shallow niche
Overhung with roman capital script proceeding
In reverse, the descending lengths of some
Of the ascenders is perverse, as
Twin horns of the larkspurs just
A shade away from the faintly rusting
Tulip head they curve to adorn are, the worm
Has “horns” too, confusing the tools
The arms brandish that would draw it
Viciously, very pointedly, toward the mouth?

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