Cover Art

About the Cover

Our cover design by Nanette Black features a photograph
by C. J. Groth of a crowded bus in Havana. Groth notes, “This
particular bus is called, colloquially, a ‘camel.’ Why?
Because it’s really sort of a two-humped shipping container
hauled around by a tractor-trailer. There are lots of them in Havana,
all painted bright colors (this one is pink). I believe it is the
lowest form of bus transportation (there are regular buses). Oftentimes,
during their daily commutes to work, Cubans will flag down the old
American cars that function as taxis, cramming people in until they’re
totally full.” The image is part of Groth’s series of
nearly two hundred photographs that capture both the elegance and
the poverty of this complicated nation. A resident of Key West,
Florida, Groth earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees
in journalism and media communications, as well as an M.B.A.

Photo courtesy of the artist. ©
C. J. Groth. All rights reserved.

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