Red Licorice

Bob Hicok

Turns out the universe is an accordion.
I take this as vindication of the polka.
If it began with the Big Bang
will it end with the Big Suck? I like
physics more than psychics. These days
there are psychics all night on TV.
Nostradamus would be ashamed.
Why predict sexual dysfunction
when there are tidal waves in the offing?
If we didn’t die we wouldn’t care
about time. We’d make and break
appointments with a shrug. The top half
of calendars with pretty pictures
would be enough. Ansel Adams aimed
a slow exposure at the Rockies
but didn’t know they were running away.
Maybe all matter is shy. This hubbub
makes me stay at home. Stop signs
have no effect on entropy. I’m saddened
by the eventual demise of red licorice
but not black. Yet consider how often
you’ve wanted a second chance.
Nietzsche said we do the whole thing
again and again. That life’s
an endless waltz to a patient band.
If I come back I hope gravity’s
reversed. To fall up. To be
with my wife but not have to shop
for shoes. Somewhere is the first atom
that existed. The next time
you feel nostalgic wait your turn.

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