[I like it when]

Gabrielle Calvocoressi

I like it when dal segno touches me there, right above the forehead

                              with whose whole palm and moves whose

hand along my skull until it rests below my neck

                              and sort of holds me there. And how we stay

like that before it even starts right there in the stillness like the best part

                              of the movie when the lights go down and

everyone sort of shakes together and relaxes.

                              I like to watch whose start to want things right

before dal segno tells me what dal segno wants, how dal segno

                              wants it before dal segno sighs and says my name

like a surprise

                              and starts to move whose hips. And how

dal segno asks me how I do it, Oh God how

                              right there like that in the stillness

dal segno sounds just like a girl

                              just like I sound when we come

together then relax. I like it

                              when whose hand tightens on my skull, right

at the place my neck begins. dal segno says

                              Sorry, I didn’t mean to hold so tight. I say

It’s fine, I like it

                              when you hold me like that.


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