Ali Alizadeh

            Cute, tasty and dangerous
kittens and cows, snakes and us.       Stupid
                                                                     affinity, frankly, stupidest
type of condescension. Pet
you’re here to purr when my fellow humans

fail me. Well, do you
understand me? Dingoes and babies, sharks

and surfies. Delicious
contribution, I’m ready; usher in

the maggots. Yes, mice and men
speak together, rhyme or reason

in my son’s books. So, let me
understand the impossibility

of me. Toy kangaroos in shops, talking
donkeys in films, whales

in the hearts of greenie activists. I am
the inhuman. Did you see the film

                           about a divorced, single dad
being hunted like an animal
                                                             by his community? So, let me

avoid the final indignity
of using you
pet, to release me. I’ll be my own beast

and burden.

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