Rules of Making Love

Gökçenur Ç.

When you were here
days used to pass over us
without touching,
like a herd of bees

Inside me,
a pack of wolves running to the sea,
a book not yet started,
a jammed cassette player,
and an unknown soft layer

got into you           the night
got out of you        women workers shelling horsebeans
got into you           a puppy gnawing gristly letters
got out of you        rules of making love on foot, restrictions

little birds,
children talking to the snow,
gods fall from grace sitting in a park
reading Radu Vancu’s poems
and planning a new religion

a shadowless skylark,
the forgetful swan
of endless salt fields

Something of woman
Something of cherry tree
Something of writing

I thought
if I could catch
your leaves
before they
touch the ground
I could also catch
a small detail
that will make you
come back

In your absence, I learned
vanilla’s name in Latin,
where the long-tailed birds
come from and go,
I learned the sky, horses,
everything and pain
can be transformed into writing

If I could see you once more
I would hold you tight
and whisper,
This world’s name is The World
And only The World, nothing else

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