I Take Back the Sponge Cake

Page 9

A cloud of ink, similar in shape to the creature that emits it, that may serve as a decoy.



                      RECK: to care for
                      WRECK: a ruined ship

                      Little _______________ where she wanders.

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Releasing a false body
my shadow emerges and

I am all

while she is all
a body

a dark
slipped off

She is dissolute,
the darkest part of

my shadowed veins,
my fear & flood

Without her I am only
half my heart

she is my
fevered shiver

Wave by wave
she dissipates

into a fall
I am fathom

from my body
I am beside myself

startle and

of ink in water—

but hovering.

as dire as

my brine-black blood—
& faster.

flesh, apart—
half beat—

mirror & my heat
burning cold.

by fin by tentacle

to the deep seafloor.

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