From the Same Nothing

Meg Shevenock
June 21, 2015
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(part 1 of 2) Earlier this week, I started to write about “animals,” and truly, it started out about that broad: I love animals, something a second grade girl might write on the front of her notebook. Uncertain of how…

Teach This (Part II)

Dora Malech
June 18, 2015
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Yesterday afternoon, I hit “Publish” on a blog post reflecting on widely anthologized and widely taught poems. My intention was not to criticize those poems (there are many good reasons they’re taught and anthologized), but to draw attention to alternative…

Larkin, Cornered

Cody Walker
June 18, 2015
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On a day that could use some (possibly) bright news, there’s this: Philip Larkin will be getting a memorial stone in Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner. He’ll be in fine company: Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens have graves at the site,…

Teach This, Not That!

Dora Malech
June 17, 2015
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I don’t mean that, of course. Whatever “this” and “that” are, I probably believe in teaching both of them. (This post’s title is really just a silly tongue-firmly-in-cheek reference to a series of “no-diet” diet books called Eat This, Not That!, as I’ve…

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