About Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson lives in Seattle. His poems and essays have been published in Cranky, Poetry International, La Fovea, Pleiades, Mare Nostrum, The Laurel Review, and in a chapbook called Marry Me. His Dungeons & Dragons fiction has appeared in Pathfinder. He co-edits the journal Thermos; heĆ¢??s a cofounder of Princess Seismograph, an arts collective; and he keeps a personal blog at the101dmnations.livejournal.com.


All my life I’ve loved anticipation. Kafka, writing as a rodent in his last story, “The Burrow”: ““All my surroundings seem filled with agitation, seem to be looking at me,…


At the edge of the caldera, a pack animal stumbles: The following evening as they rode up onto the western rim they lost one of the mules. It went skittering…

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