About Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson lives in Seattle. His poems and essays have been published in Cranky, Poetry International, La Fovea, Pleiades, Mare Nostrum, The Laurel Review, and in a chapbook called Marry Me. His Dungeons & Dragons fiction has appeared in Pathfinder. He co-edits the journal Thermos; heĆ¢??s a cofounder of Princess Seismograph, an arts collective; and he keeps a personal blog at the101dmnations.livejournal.com.

See You Around!

Thank you, Kenyon, for a high platform, sharp talk, and a stupefying number of good memories. It’s been two years this week and now seems like a good time to…

Love on the Installment Plan

The question is which words change the environment and which describe it. My friends’ toddler says “mama to pick you up” when she’s tired (she’s answering the question “do you…

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