Pop Quiz: What Kind of Novel Are You?

Caroline Hagood
October 7, 2017
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1. In your favorite novel, the main character’s name is:

A) Arabella Featherstone

B) Luther Impossibilius

C) Jake Amnesty

D) The same as the author’s


2. In your favorite novel, the story is essentially about:

A) The barriers between people that must be overcome in order to reach the sweet and sexy ties that bind

B) What the exploration of worlds that aren’t can teach us about our world that is

C) Human behavior decoded by a drunken, street-smart underdog

D) How our reality is but a nebulous construct that must regularly be turned on its head


3. In your favorite novel, after a man and a woman meet:

A) They bicker and then make up under a weeping willow tree

B) He discovers she’s actually been sent from Planet Fascinatus to extract information about earthlings

C) He mixes her a stiff drink before they crack the caper

D) What is a man and what is a woman, anyway?


4. In your favorite novel, the big conflict arises from:

A) The fundamental differences between men and women (that are irksome but also hot)

B) The fundamental differences between us and them (and how we all have a little of “them” in “us”)

C) The fundamental differences between what we thought happened and what actually happened (even if the hero/ine had to play dirty to discover this)

D) The fundamental differences between metanarratives (and how you can never, under any circumstances, trust any one of ‘em)


5. Your favorite novel ends with:

A) Banging

B) The Big Bang (in one land or another)

C) A bang

D) Banging one’s head against a metaphysical wall



Mostly As: You’re a romance novel

Mostly Bs: You’re a sci-fi novel

Mostly Cs: You’re a detective novel

Mostly Ds: You’re a postmodern novel

18 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: What Kind of Novel Are You?

  1. Romance novel of course… can I be any more exciting?? Love the quiz!! Love everything Hagood writes always intreiging and humorous!!

  2. I am surprised that I am a detective novel. LOVE IT!!! Well, an old harley biker calling himself Dirty Larry hired me, Jake Amnesty, to clear his best friend, Dirt Dawg, of killing his old lady, Squirrely Shirley.
    Thank you for the quiz! Very fun!!!

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