Save the Dates: 2017 Summer Writing Workshops

September 5, 2016
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The Kenyon Review Writers Workshop is a marvelous opportunity for serious writing, mentoring, and for developing a community with other writers.  

Intensive morning workshops are held for three hours daily from Sunday through Saturday. Participants exchange and critique each other’s work, engage in writing exercises, and discuss material distributed by the workshop leader.
Following morning workshops, lunch and the afternoon are left open; your time is your own. During the lunch break, participants may choose to extend workshop conversations in small groups, according to individual preference. If writers wish to gather in the afternoons to make the most of time available, they are encouraged to do so.  This is the deliberate philosophy of our program: we believe that for growth and development to occur, the opportunity must exist for extended, private writing and reading. Thus, challenging workshops are complemented by personal writing during the program.  In addition, each writer will meet for an individual session one afternoon with his or her workshop leader. 
We gather for dinner in Peirce Hall, and then attend evening readings. Readings by workshop leaders, fellows, and workshop participants are held nightly from 7:30-9:00 p.m. 

KR summer programs balance a blend of opportunities, fostering individual growth within community.

Click here to read an essay about the workshops by one of this past summer’s participants.

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