Mix Tape: Mindful Writing, Mindful Submitting

Maggie Smith
September 13, 2012
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An interview with Dinty W. Moore on being a mindful writer. “There is nothing wrong with wanting a career, some recognition, a steady salary, and, most importantly perhaps, the access to a wider readership that comes with success, but it is necessary to be mindful of how all of this interacts with the writing process, and how it too often sabotages the writing.” 

A new study shows that art makes you nicer! “Even after controlling for age, race and education, we found that participation in the arts, especially as audience, predicted civic engagement, tolerance and altruism.” Are you listening, Mitt Romney?

Who else is relieved to learn that procrastination may be good for you, too?

But you really should hurry up and read this brilliant essay by Mary Ruefle. (Here’s the tiniest taste: “I remember the first time I realized the world we are born into is not the one we leave.”)

What’s wrong with simultaneous submissions? “A buckshot or cluster-bomb strategy” may be necessary for emerging writers to get published, but it can quickly turn into “everyone submitting everything they’ve got to every even-vaguely-respectable publisher, all the time.”

The three types of stories unlikely to survive beyond the slush pile. Are you guilty of writing and submitting one or more?

An open letter to Wikipedia from Philip Roth, concerning an inaccuracy in the Wikipedia entry discussing his novel The Human Stain—and the author’s inability to prove himself as a “credible source.”

One thought on “Mix Tape: Mindful Writing, Mindful Submitting

  1. Sean Bishop’s piece on poetry submissions should be required reading as a reality check for all aspirants to publication, but it doesn’t offer much consolation to any crafter of verse who’s not in an MFA network or already published.

    His idea of an open marketplace such as Submitable where multiple publications could view our wares would be handy for me, but I would think too much like a flea market or scavenger hunt for busy editors.

    Therefore, I’ll continue sending my poems to the legit competitions and those publications I read where my stuff might fit in. Until one of them sees and likes enough of my name and style to take me on.

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