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Maggie Smith
August 9, 2012
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Is social media turning readers into yes-men/women? If you follow “the literary Twitter- or blogospheres, you’ll be positively besieged by amiability, by a relentless enthusiasm that might have you believing that all new books are wonderful and that every writer is every other writer’s biggest fan.”

For every book she reads, Jenny Volvovski designs a new cover.  She wants them to look like they’re part of a series, so she set some rules for herself: “green/black/white for color, Futura/typewriter/handwriting for text and scanned paper/drawing for the image.”

But are book covers a dying art?

Who knew that a cease and desist letter to a publisher from The Man (in this case, The Liquor Man) regarding a book cover could be such a boon for the author?

The Jonah Lehrer snafu is getting worse by the minute. Note to self: Don’t ever assume you can get away with plagiarism if you’re high-profile enough to write for The New Yorker and publish a bestselling book.

Last year, Mix Tape linked to a story about an anonymous artist who had been leaving exquisitely detailed paper sculptures in libraries and museums all over Edinburgh, Scotland. Now her last gifts, found at the Scottish Poetry Library, are going on tour.

@SHAQ Please check out this article about dunking, poetry, and poems about dunking.

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