Mix Tape: The One

Maggie Smith
July 12, 2012
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The 3:AM website disappeared last week. Its servers were managed by a company whose website was down and whose owner could not be located—until people used social media to track him down. But what are the ultimate consequences for online magazines, if it’s this easy for one to vanish into cyberspace?

Over at the New Yorker, Michael Cunningham breaks down the Pulitzer breakdown, in Part One, and the search for The One—“the novel so monumental, so original and vast and funny and tragic, so clearly important, that only an idiot would deny it the Pulitzer Prize”—in Part Two.

A hilarious mock rejection letter that begins: “Dear Writer (although we both know I’m being wildly generous with that title)…”

Johnny Depp is going to coedit House of Earth, a previously unpublished novel by Woody Guthrie. So, yes, truth is still stranger…

In a recent interview, poet Ben Lerner talks about his debut novel. Lerner says the novel “contains a poem from my first book of poetry (a poem I feel is changed considerably by being transposed into the fiction); entire pages from an academic essay I wrote on John Ashbery; lines from my third book of poetry; language stolen from friends and heroes; and so on. So yes, I do love how a novel can absorb and constellate other forms, what you called its ‘elasticity’.”

A new edition of A Farewell to Arms will be released with 47 of Hemingway’s alternate endings.

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  1. If your sunshine….

    In a lyrical
    verse a fine
    day remains
    touching the
    dream of
    an intense

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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