KR Welcomes Its First Fellows

David Lynn
May 8, 2012
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I’m thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers and Natalie Shapero, younger authors of exceptional talent, will be Kenyon Review Fellows for the next two years. This marks the renewal of a tradition going back to the early days of the journal: identifying and supporting prodigiously gifted writers and launching them into the literary world. Earlier KR Fellows, for example, included Flannery O’Connor and W. S. Merwin.

In this new iteration of the program, Fellows will reside in Gambier for two years. They will work on significant writing projects, teach one course per year for the Kenyon College English department, while being mentored by distinguished faculty, and receive editorial and production experience with The Kenyon Review. I believe this is the most important initiative by KR in a generation.

The selection process was an exhilarating task—but not an easy one. Hundreds and hundreds of often dazzling applications and writing samples greeted us. It reaffirmed my sense that this is a moment unlike any other, that more great poetry and prose than ever before is being generated by authors of every age and in every area of the nation.

One by-product of our efforts, indeed, has been to create connections with many writers whom we have encouraged to submit work to The Kenyon Review and KROnline.

Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers received her BA in Creative Writing and Dance from Oberlin College and her MFA from Cornell University, where she is currently a lecturer in the English Department. As an Oberlin Shansi Fellow, she spent several years living in rural China, where she taught English and dance at an agricultural university. Her poems appear in Field, Agni Online, Seneca Review, Comstock Review, Crazyhorse, Pool, and on Poetry Daily, among others. Her first book of poetry will be published by the University of Arkansas Press in 2013.

Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers

Natalie Shapero received her MFA in Poetry from the Ohio State University in 2008 and her JD from the University of Chicago in 2011. Her poetry has been published in several journals and anthologies including The Kenyon Review, Poetry, The Believer, FIELD, and Best New Poets 2006. She has been a Peter Taylor Fellow in the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop as well as a fellow in the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. Natalie Shapero is currently a fellow in First Amendment Litigation and civil rights advocacy with Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Natalie Shapero

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