Under & In, Through & Through, Over & Out

Cody Walker
December 31, 2010
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Goodbyes are no fun — so I’m going to mostly skip them. But I wanted to use the last of my seventy-three posts on this blog to thank Tyler, for bringing me aboard nearly two years ago; my co-contributors, for their head- and heart-expanding weekly weigh-ins; and you, the readers, for your attention and comments and good cheer. It’s impossible to say how much I’ve enjoyed having a space in which to test ideas — to essay, in the early sense of the word. (From a recent Times profile of Sarah Bakewell, author of How to Live: “Montaigne wrote about whatever crossed his mind: animals, sex, magic, diplomacy, violence, hermaphroditism, self-doubt. ‘Essayer’ means ‘to try’ in French, or as Ms. Bakewell adds, ‘to test, or to taste it, or give it a whirl.'”) In early 2009 I rarely read blogs, and I certainly had no idea how to write one. (YouTube embed code? Is that even English?) Now it seems as natural a form to me as the sonnet. Which is all to say, Thank you, and thank you again. I had a whirl of a good time.

And so, to acquaintances (read: friends) auld and new: May your New Year be marked by wild laughter and gentle kindness. I’ll see you down the road.



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