This Year I Rewrite My Novel???Part XIX, “Patti Smith (4) sings ‘Because the Night,’ Seattle, 1/25/2010”

Nancy Jooyoun Kim
September 2, 2010
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First off, I love Patti Smith. What’s not to love?

The woman has amazing hair. She’s in with the coolest people on planet Earth–Bruce Springsteen, Robert Mapplethorpe, the French Minister of Culture.

She was raised in New Jersey.


And how could you not fall MORE in love with her after watching this video?

Demure with that TKO voice. The whole crowd, silent, until beckoned to sing:

Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to lust
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us

It feels triumphant and sad at the same time. As if triumph could be found in the sadness of longing. How beautiful!

In writing and in reading, when I hear “that voice,” it does the same thing–its sound beguiles, freezes the body and makes everything feel warm and gushy (AKA: “ALIVE”) inside.

Oh, Patti.

Did I mention this woman has amazing hair?

P.S. A friend (ahem, Talia, who I will now refer to as “T”) forwarded me this link, forwarded to her by another friend–poet, fellow KR Blogger and Poetry Series Curator at Seattle Arts and Lectures, Rebecca Hoogs. Thanks to both!

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