Money Getting, Part XVIII

William Walsh
September 18, 2010
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A Verse Digest of P. T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting (1880)


no man ought ever indorse a note
or become security for any man
be it his father or brother
without taking good security

incur no risk by indorsing note
lend your name without precaution
you have done a good action
and the thought makes you happy

in your mind it is perfectly safe
to indorse notes without security

but the trouble

getting money too easily
money without effort
without inconvenience

now mark the result

a chance for speculation
a temporary investment

only $10,000 is required
it is sure to come back
before a note be due

you sign almost mechanically
you indorse as a matter of course

the speculation does not come to a head
quite so soon as expected

the speculation proved an utter failure
and all the money is lost

the loser (we seldom hear of the losers)
he got excited
the spirit of speculation seized him

the indorser
indorsing notes has become chronic
he has lost half of his fortune

never indorse without taking ample security
beyond the length of tether

it is a very dangerous thing at any time
to get possession of money too easily

it tempts to hazardous speculations
if nothing more
Solomon truly said
???he that hateth suretyship is sure’

get first dollars by hard knocks
and at some sacrifice
appreciate the value of those dollars

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Money Getting is a verse digest of P.T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting(1880)

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