Money Getting, Part XVII

William Walsh
September 4, 2010
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A Verse Digest of P. T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting (1880)


we see men who have fortunes become poor

this arises from intemperance,
from gaming and other bad habits

because a man has engaged in outside operations

he gets rich in legitimate business
he is told of a grand speculation
he is constantly flattered by friends

he is born lucky
everything he touches
turns into gold

he forgets his economical habits
his rectitude of conduct

he will listen to siren voices

certain matters not foreseen
time comes around to realize

the bubble bursts–he loses all he is possessed of
he learns what he ought to have known at the first

he is like Samson shorn of his locks
his strength has departed
he becomes like other men

if a man has plenty of money
he ought to invest something
in everything that appears
that will benefit mankind

but let sums
thus invested
be moderate

never let a man foolishly jeopardize a fortune
investing in things in which he has no experience

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Money Getting is a verse digest of P.T. Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting(1880)

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