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A Micro-Interview with Tony Hoagland

“We need to resurrect and declare our allegiance to the intrinsic worth of art, introspection, and engagement. Everything matters, and in an era that annihilates the conscience of consciousness, literature should be biting back.”


The Kenyon Review Spring 2014

Volume XXXVI | Number 2

Selections from our latest issue available now:

Poems by Emily Wilson, Jill Bialosky, and Gillian Conoley;
Excerpts from a story by Vojislav Pejović,
and Tony Hoagland‘s essay “Idiom, Our Funny Valentine: Its Cunning, Its Romance, Its Power,” and more!

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The Pines; The Hunter Fresco

By Jérôme Luc Martin

The Pines

much later, Love in her apron of differing greys is
poaching pears

and neatly quarters glowing halves and slips them
into syrup,
                 each a shining minute that extends in
sweetness, stitching at the loss of symmetry


The Plague

By Leigh Camacho Rourks

When Cora caught the lawn guy smoking weed in the backyard instead of mowing, she wanted to say something cool, to ask for a drag or a hit or whatever you asked for if you were young and wonderful. She…


Sudden Death: A Eulogy

By Jacob M. Appel

My great-grandfather, Simon Litman, Latvian immigrant, secular Jew, inept businessman, gifted egg candler, doting father, cigar-smoker and pint-sized omnivore . . .

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Carol Ann Davis

Carol Ann Davis’s first collection, Psalm, appeared from Tupelo Press in 2007, the same year she was awarded a fellowship in poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts. Recent work has appeared in Volt, Agni, and Threepenny Review. She…

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