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Leila Chatti - Resistance, Change, Survival

Kenyon Review
Mar/Apr 2018

Volume XL | Number 2

Selections from our latest issue available now:
Poems by Tommye Blount and Terrance Hayes;
Excerpts from a story by Claire Boyles and a play by David Butler;
A review of Frank Bidart‘s Half-light: Collected Poems 1965-2016 by Jonathan Farmer, KR Critic at Large.

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Two Poems

By Jenny Xie




The lightest realizations arrive in restraint—
so the old masters tell us.

Not unlike the tug at the end of a line.


A Level Surface

By James Flaherty

At home, while catching up, when his complete involvement wasn’t crucial, whenever he was silently, supportively there, whenever moods required a cooling period or healthy distance until they could be…


By Susan Stinson

One night at a play, I walked outside with a friend during intermission. I sat on a low concrete step because my knees hurt. My friend didn’t sit. Some people…

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In this episode, Andrew Grace talks to poet and editor Nate Marshall about Seamus Heaney’s sense of place, poetry as a team sport, writing rap lyrics vs. lyric poems, and,…

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