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A Micro-Interview with Lauren Schenkman

“Writing advice, like how to do scenes and plot and all of that, is fantastic and a lot of it is true, but save it for the editing process. In the first draft, just sit there and listen to what the thing is trying to tell you.”

Alison Stine - Resistance, Change, Survival

Kenyon Review
Nov/Dec 2017

Volume XXXIX | Number 6

Selections from our latest issue available now:
Poetry by Monica Sok and Analicia Sotelo;
An excerpt from a story by Lauren Schenkman;
Excerpts from essays by Tyrese L. Coleman and Kevin Young.

In Memoriam: Richard Wilbur

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Two Poems

By Michael Wasson

Self-portrait as 1879–1934

It has darkened here only because the light inside
the room. Now place your hand there. See. That—

no, this—this is your face & so: what are you
but a citizen of this nation you were born into

by no hands of your own. Like the architecture
of briefly lit chapels, you stand here so silent


By Carla E. Dash

“Your children are monsters,” the dying woman said. “How can you stand it?” But what did she know? She didn’t feel the fatherless progeny swirling in her belly, the last…

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The KR Conversations

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Lauren Schenkman

Lauren Schenkman

Lauren Schenkman’s fiction has been published in Granta and Hudson Review. She has an MFA from Cornell University and was formerly a journalist at Science magazine. In 2015, she received…

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Saying No

By Laura Maylene Walter
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