The Workshops: Translation

July 8-15, 2017

The Translator’s Voice: a Polyglot Workshop

This non-language specific workshop will offer an opportunity for aspiring and mid-career literary translators with a variety of professional backgrounds to find their translator’s voice through close reading and experimentation with language and style from their strongest second language into English. Workshop instructors are Elizabeth Lowe, founding director of the Center for Translation Studies at the University of Illinois, and Katherine M. Hedeen, Professor of Spanish and Translation at Kenyon College. The workshop will be conducted seminar-style, and activities will focus on translation as a cross-cultural activity, using theoretical readings and examples of master translators work as guides. The product of the workshop will be a polished translation that the participant may continue to prepare for publication.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants. Applicants will be screened on a rolling basis and will be required to submit a translation sample of 500 words of prose or three pages of poetry from their source language into English. The workshop will take place from 9-12:30 each morning and will consist of readings, discussion and translation work. The afternoons are reserved for translation work and consultation with the instructors. There will be bilingual readings in the evenings. This class is team taught by Katherine M. Hedeen and Elizabeth Lowe. Apply now!

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