The Workshops: Novel

Session II: June 26–July 2, 2015

The Novel Workshop

This unique workshop reenvisions the traditional method of revising a book for publication. The group will meet as a whole as well as in smaller units that will rotate through the trio of instructors. Unlike most novel workshops that are limited to considering a single chapter, 100 pages will be workshopped. Using an original method developed by the instructors, workshop participants will be able to pull out structure and isolate plot, character, theme, and movement. This provides a new way to brainstorm toward revision.

Participants also benefit from visiting publishing industry professionals who offer invaluable insight into the publishing world. Last summer’s guests included Sheryl Johnston, an independent literary publicist, and Greg Michalson, co-publisher of Unbridled Books, and co-founder of BlueHen Books, an imprint of Penguin/Putnam.

Whether writing literary or genre fiction, the best participant for this workshop is someone who is serious and committed.

From a 2013 Workshop participant: “I have been trying to tell this story for nearly nine years, and although a few people have read and commented on various earlier versions, I’ve never encountered the kind of care and one-on-one feedback that your workshop provided. I was especially impressed by how much you understood me and my story in such a short time.

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