The Workshops: The Art of Text

Session II: June 27-July 3, 2015

The Art of Text

The Art of Text Workshop blends techniques of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts to generate creative writings through the art of the book. Using a range of exercises and materials, we will create new work through textual and visual explorations during our week together. Whether you are a writer curious to write in more genres, or an artist wishing to deepen your engagement with text, this workshop promises to open up a variety of creative practices to generate new content and form.

From a 2014 participant: “I loved the attitude of play, of productive failure and corrective, creative embellishment–I’m learning to think about my text as material not only in forming it but also in re-vising and deforming it. Conferences were really helpful; I loved having open studio time; the space of the workshop was so friendly and warm and engaging that many of us stayed in the studio through meals, late into the night. This is perhaps the most productive creative environment I’ve ever encountered.”

Workshop is limited to 15 participants. Rolling admission (application site opens in January 2015). The application consists of the online application form, a resume, and a sample of your work. The sample should be no more than five pages and can be either three or four poems, a short essay, short story, or hybrid work. This class is team taught by Gretchen E. Henderson and Ellen Sheffield.



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