Final Tea with Hoon

Samuel Amadon

Talking to myself, that’s how it felt, That’s how I would say it felt If I kept control of what I said, if I Wasn’t always amassing, out of Control…

Small Words in a Large World

Christine Ma-Kellams

1 “Baño” was the only word I knew. At Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesus, bilingualism started and ended with the morning prayer, which the other kids recited first in English,…


Angela Woodward

My friend Ethan told me a story circa 1985 that used the word “degloving.” It involved wire, flinching, and a terrified child trying to keep still. I don’t know if…

Profess or Perish?

John Rodden

Dreaming My Life Away? In 1992, as my head wrestled with my heart about whether to leave the only life I knew—the academic life I had once loved—I was invited…

Resurrection: His Hands

Amit Majmudar

First thing he did was clap his hands against his eyes, as if he’d gouged them out with hairpins. Only this was someone else’s son, and sin. The hands appeared…

Said Yes

Cara Blue Adams

Eight months ago this coming Tuesday a person I now understand to have been the devil offered me a deal, and I accepted, and the deal was this: president-elect Donald…

Dead Bird

Roger Rosenblatt

Yesterday afternoon, I heard a thud coming from the area of the kitchen. When I went to look, a dead bird was lying on the deck outside my glass door.…


Rachel Joseph

A shimmering desert. Mountains in the distance. HE This desert is like a box of dry leaves. A dry river bottom. You could disappear anywhere and never be found. You…

The Unaccounted

Philip Schaefer

Say we slept like effigies on a stranger’s lawn.
          Sideways to the boats roping in, saltwater
                    lapping the land so thick we could slick it

His Hair Was on Fire

Ron Carlson

You ride the bus long enough, I mean daily for a year or two, maybe three, and you’re going to see somebody’s hair on fire. I’ve seen many other things,…


Lanre Akinsiku

The man and his son took a trip to the park, the man holding a boomerang under his arm. He wanted to play Frisbee, but the boy had seen the…

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