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Lauren Goodwin Slaughter

In the quiet voice I enforce all nights
              by this hour

my husband asks the nurse in
                                          and would she like

Night Window

Kim Henderson

When I was nine and enamored with Charlotte’s Web, I would sneak outside after bedtime in search of the spider that would save me. I didn’t know what I needed saving from, but I knew that in my story, I was the character who required rescue.…


Reginald Dwayne Betts, Bastards of the Reagan Era. Four Ways Books, 2015. 72 pages. $15.95 “No one will admit,” Reginald Dwayne Betts sings, “that this is the way America strangles itself.” How does America strangle itself? With “hard sunsets,” with “crack and…

The Law of Threes

Ethan Chatagnier

Whit’s mind is on the LSAT study books hidden in the book bag at his feet when they roll out at 10:00 p.m. with the radio bacon-pan crackling.…

The Ape

Vladislav Khodasevich

The heat was unbearable. The forests were burning.
Time passed languorously. At the neighboring dacha
A cock was crowing. I went outside the gate.…

Dear Rabbi Clearman

Sabrina Wise

March 2, 2015 Dear Rabbi Clearman, In the September Family of Faith Bulletin you wrote that you and your colleagues were “ready to embark upon the school year with God at the helm.” I really did see it: an expedition…

What Do You Do to the Enfermos?

Andrew Bomback

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s use of torture, titled the Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program, contained 208 uses of the word “medical.” [The CIA’s Office of Medical Services, OMS] completed draft…

Micro-Review Author Notes

Joseph Campana is a poet, arts critic, and scholar of Renaissance literature. He is the author of The Pain of Reformation (Fordham UP, 2012) and two collections of poetry, The Book of Faces (Graywolf, 2005) and Natural Selections (2012), which received the Iowa Poetry…

January Micro-Reviews

With this issue, we launch a new feature in Kenyon Review Online, a series of micro-reviews of new collections of poetry. These short reviews serve as complements to the longer reviews already being published on KROnline, and they appear to…

north of the earth (an excerpt)

Dong Li

when the child was a child he ran with his arms swinging the rice field flooded he slept by a kerosene lamp the lamp not yet lit through the small window the night blued flickering light on a mountain overlooking…


Valya Dudycz Lupescu

Snow falls on the grave, and she leaves them standing in their circle, pickaxes on rounded shoulders, shovels at their feet. They hold their hats patched and faded, cheeks wet, mouths full of an ancient hymn, and boots stomping slowly…

Watching Science Fiction

Kate Middleton

Stood at a grave the whole story up till now unravelled— our son not our son our son instead something necessitating the word instead. A father’s grief retrieved him from a different world that grief a ferryman poling between worlds.…

In Absence

Catherine Gammon

Pelican She walked to the beach and her cell phone rang. Odd, she thought—her phone rarely rang, she discouraged anyone, everyone, from using it. The caller was on the East Coast, thousands of miles away. It was a wrong number—or…

Where I’m Writing From

Onnesha Roychoudhuri

Aw-nay-shuh: the jaw hinging open, letting loose the tongue that flicks across the top of the palate, before retreating behind the teeth to nestle into its postalveolar hush. Aw. Nay. Shuh. Or, rather, Onnesha, in its proper spelling. It wasn’t…

The Sick Nurse

Terry Eicher

A young woman watching beside a sickbed in a torment of anxiety. Twenty-one and ready to begin her life, she nursed her cousin, Harriet Gilley, who was dying. She was certain Harriet was dying because she had sat beside her…

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