Six Poems

Amish Trivedi


One more nightmare and I’m out. I seem to remember you dancing
while holding your arm bent back and tensing.

A Clear Cut

Amy Benson

We are trying to piece together the order of perception. We can agree that the windows were frosted and we saw nothing before we entered the gallery. We walked in and we exhaled, and kept exhaling, even the air that…

The Rakes of Mallow

Mary O'Donoghue

We’re not unhandsome. We’re no George Cloonies either. We have frig-all in the way of chin glamor. We have substantial eyebrows. We’ve sported beards at different intervals.…

The Lake

Brian Doyle

We are going to the lake. I am with my cousins. It is July. I am fifteen. This morning France blew up an island in the Pacific, to test a bomb.…

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