Charley, Bayou

Meghan Tear Plummer

You are waiting in the woods, and I am coming to find you. You told me not to follow, but I know by now that actually means, “Come as quickly as you can.”…


Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet

I believed I could make it up, that will
was power
, not in that greasy
philosophy-boy way but in the ancient sense …

A Reader

Mika Taylor

She read the story every day, once a day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes after noon. On busy days, she fit it in before bed. At first it was just an exercise, one she’d concocted for herself.…

Riding the Bus

Lance Larsen

Two or three times a week I save the planet. That is, I leave my Corolla garaged and board the Utah County 820—a nine-mile, twenty-one minute commute that sweeps me…


Sofi Stambo

Sometimes I see her in Chinatown and follow her for a few blocks. I don’t get closer, because I don’t want to find out that she’s someone else’s grandma. …

What We Are Able to Hold

Jacqueline Kolosov

Victoria Redel’s sexy, smart Make Me Do Things is grounded in the often artsy, urbane worlds of middle-aged women and men who raise kids, work and work out, desire, and live in places like New York and Provincetown.…


Ted McLoof

So we’re on our way to the restaurant when the kid turns to me and she goes, Dad, who is this lady? Just like that she says it, Who is this lady, eight years old and already she sounds like a snotty teenager, which she just so clearly gets from her mother that it isn’t even worth going into.…

Fauna and Blood

Yasmine Beverly Rana

In 2013 the playwright Yasmine Rana was invited to submit a short play for a ten-minute festival in New York. She responded with a piece that was, in part, a…


Melissa Goodrich

Out in our backyard, my brothers started picking superpowers and I chose “breathe water.” Gary chose super strength so he grabbed me by my ankles and dunked me hair-first into the pool.…

Complete Fictions: On the Rewritings of Gabriel Blackwell

Daniel Green

The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men is subtitled “The Last Letter of H.P. Lovecraft,” and is offered to us as a letter putatively written by Lovecraft a few days before his death, along with an introduction by the man who claims to have found it (“Gabriel Blackwell”), a series of annotations, and a few extended endnotes.…

Autumn Sonata

Marcia Aldrich

I wonder if anyone experiences Autumn Sonata, Ingmar Bergman’s meditation on the knotted relations of mothers and daughters, as intensely I do. …

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