about face

Stefi Weisburd

it is possible to infer character from features

rubber cheek anvil brow what
does a face mean hucksters &

physiognomists’ claim to decipher

moles like tea leaves read
the ticker-tape of intent behind

a stoic gaze which pinched nose

betrays a nation or a wife which cockle
ear keeps your secrets safe do we

pardon the temple for the sins

of a diminutive chin or forgive
the testosterone wash in the womb that

squares the mug and makes the meathead

hunger for assault vampish lips
or snub nose dumb bovine eyes to start

and then how the world scars

its ideograms on the skin dust bowl
tracks & dour ditches its melanin blooms:

bugs smashed on the car’s grill

and you, haunt in the mirror with your look
of confusion a field of sudden-flung crows

your blotches & muscle fret & drapery
of disappointment your eyes precisely tuned

to tell love blush from fever unravel
the grief that wrung your face like a sponge

look at me   tell me who you are

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