Just Not For Us

Roger Rosenblatt

Advanced Journalism

Good morning, journalists. Are you ready to exert our influence?
                    Ready, Professor!

Good. Otherwise, we’ve got a recipe . . .
                    For disaster!

As well as an accident . . .
                    Waiting to happen!

Which could constitute . . .
                    Our worst nightmare!

Causing civil un . . .
                    . . . rest!

That seems to be the . . .

But the scenario has . . .
                    A subtext!

Where is the jury on this?

Off what are the phones ringing?
                    The hook!

Outside what should we think?
                    The box!

So far outside as to push what?
                    The envelope!

And what coaster are we riding?
                    Emotional roller!

Very good, class, I see you’re no strangers to . . .

And what sort of rights does everyone seek?

And what sort of politics does everyone deplore?
                    As usual!

And what sort of box is the Middle East?

And at what of society is street violence tearing?
                    The fabric!

Come again?
                    The very fabric!

Thus bringing everything to a . . .
                    Halt . . . A grinding halt!

Causing . . .

To . . .

Just as fires . . .

Thus sending . . .
                    Shock waves!

                    Throughout the community!

And thanks to us, where is the English language going?
                    To hell!

And . . .

And when is all this happening?
                    Even as we speak!


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