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About the Cover

Our cover design by Nanette Black features Mujer Ángel, Desierto de Sonora, Mexico (Angel Woman, Sonora Desert, Mexico), 1979, by photographer Graciela Iturbide. Iturbide is one of Mexico’s foremost contemporary photographers. Among her best-known works is Juchitán of Women, a decade-long project begun in 1979 that documented the Zapotec Indians. Iturbide was born in Mexico City in 1942. After studying filmmaking, she moved into still photography and eventually apprenticed with Mexico’s greatest photographer, Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Solo exhibitions and retrospectives of her work have appeared throughout the world. Mujer Ángel is one of her photographs of the Seri Indians—here showing a woman wearing traditional clothing, running along a mountain ridge and holding a boom box.

Photograph courtesy of the artist. Special thanks to the International Center of Photography for its assistance.

Editor’s Notes

Beginning in this issue of KR you will find the first installment of “Just Not for Us,” a new series of essays by Roger Rosenblatt. For those of you blessed never to have sought publication of your own writing—or those even more fully blessed who have submitted their work exclusively to immediate hosannas and up-flingings of lucre—”just not for us” is a phrase often bandied by editors such as myself to writers, also such as myself, to indicate a polite lack of interest in said author’s humble offerings.

Roger and I considered entitling his series “A Writer’s Life,” but that would have made too much sense.

On a literary editor’s perpetual quest, true wit is among the rarest of gems. By wit, of course, I mean something more than mere humor or drollery. Rather, it encompasses a lively engagement with language, with the world, and most of all with the foibles of us mere humans. Wit amuses to be sure, but it also cuts with that very scalpel of humor, laying open deeper perceptions for those who choose to see. That’s wit. That’s Roger Rosenblatt.

Also new to the masthead with this issue is Daniel Elihu Kramer, who is assuming the role of drama editor. Daniel, a noted director and teacher, intends to take a proactive stance in attracting new work. While KR has long published dramatic writing, once Daniel has been in harness long enough to gather sufficient store, we aspire to offer short plays in every issue, along with essays about the rich and varied world of theater, film, and criticism. We will also include new features at kenyonreview.org, such as video and audio podcasts, interviews, and more. Watch for forthcoming announcements as Daniel Elihu Kramer charts this new path for drama in KR.

—David H. Lynn

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