First Person Plural: Part IV

Dora Malech
June 29, 2016
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I’m thinking again about Camille Rankine’s poetry and the first person plural—the more-than-singular self. In an earlier post, I spent time with Rankine’s poem “We,”a poem that invokes a collective self without explicitly defining that self, prompting the reader to…

A Real Kind of Sublime

Rosebud Ben-Oni
June 28, 2016
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We look at alien grace, unfettered by any determined form, and we say: balloon, flower, heart, condom, opera, lampshade, parasol, ballet. Hear how the mouth, so full of longing for the world, changes its shape? —Mark Doty, “Difference”   Nahariya…

In Bruges

Jeff Alessandrelli
June 28, 2016
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We call them fairy tales because they exist in fantasy, in the revelation of the imaginative. A life is something lived, actively enacted; a tale something told. (From culture to culture, era to era, tales also contain a sizeable malleability…

Clowns: The Week in Review

Cody Walker
June 26, 2016
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I’m a fan of short forms: the clerihew, the cartoon caption, the political tweet. As such, I enjoy reading the rating summaries that appear at the end of New York Times movie reviews. A. O. Scott, one of the paper’s chief film critics,…

Swan, Atlas, Snake, Love

Laura Maylene Walter
June 25, 2016
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The subject of bestiality rarely comes to the attention of the general public, but when it does, common reactions include ridicule, disgust, interest or fast dismissal . . . Mentioning bestiality evokes rather emotional and extreme reactions. —Bestiality and Zoophilia:…

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