Amit Majmudar
February 7, 2015
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    We’ve sent animals and plants into outer space and observed them. We’ve sent scientists of various disciplines to run experiments—that is, to do their work in that environment and see what they turn up. But we have yet to…

A Response to David Biespiel

G.C. Waldrep
February 6, 2015
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[Note: This piece is a response to David Biespiel’s “Why Jihadists Love Postmodern Poetry,” posted on The Rumpus, February 3, 2015.] We are caught unawares by violence, no matter how many news feeds we receive: this is one of the…

Why We Chose It

Caitlin Horrocks
February 3, 2015
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“Dead Dresses” by Rachel Cantor Rachel Cantor’s story “Dead Dresses,” which appears in the Jan/Feb 2015 print issue, begins like this: “It being an odd day, they meet on Emmilloni’s bunk, Emmi being the odd one.” This first line suits…

Paying attention

T Clutch Fleischmann
January 31, 2015
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I have lately been reading through the anthology Cross Worlds: Transcultural Poetics, edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright and put together from talks given at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. So much of the reading I do…

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