Fundamental, and Also Fun

Cody Walker
June 24, 2014
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In Lorrie Moore’s short story “Charades,” the central character Therese recalls a conversation with her brother Andrew: Last year, at least, they had joked about their upbringing. “I scarcely remember Dad reading to us,” she’d said. “Sure he read to us,”…

Sugimoto’s Darkness

Brian Michael Murphy
June 17, 2014
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You’re unlikely to find a more beautiful book than Hiroshi Sugimoto, designed by Takaaki Matsumodo. The book is cloth-bound in shadow-blue, with a slight sheen, only a shallow stamp of the artist’s name on the front cover and spine. It…

Their Aim Is Just Off

Cody Walker
June 16, 2014
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We all have our people: writers or singers or actors or comedians who shaped us and sustained us and to whom we remain loyal, because to forget them would be to forget ourselves (our sixteen-year-old selves, our twenty-two-year-old selves). A…

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