Why We Chose It

Kirsten Reach
February 6, 2017
Comments 2

“He Comes to Feed the Horses,” by Mary Terrier, appears in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of the Kenyon Review. Like every magazine that publishes short stories, we get a few dozen stories…

Citizenship (Part One)

Cody Walker
February 6, 2017
Comments 1

I’m writing this post on Super Bowl Sunday, a semi-holiday (or day of observance, literally) that’s wholly American. And I’m thinking about what it means to be an American in…

The Vatican’s Jude Law

Jerry Harp
February 3, 2017
Comments 1

  These days my Sunday ritual includes attending a small, intimate, contemplatively-inflected evening Mass and then getting home in time to watch the HBO series The Young Pope, created by…

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