Sugimoto Seascapes

T Clutch Fleischmann
November 20, 2014
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I’ve been spending a lot of time with photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work lately. Born in Tokyo and spending much of his life in New York City, Sugimoto’s practice consists of ongoing series: photos of dioramas from natural history museums, drive-in…


Cody Walker
November 16, 2014
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My visual memory isn’t all that great, but I can still picture the refrigerator at my mother’s house where I grew up. It was covered with New Yorker cartoons from the early and mid-’80s: J. B. Handelsman’s dunderheaded editor (“I…

But is it an essay? Voyager edition

T Clutch Fleischmann
November 16, 2014
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Welcome to part 3 of our ongoing series (check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them). For this installment, a number of nonfiction-y writers will focus on the Voyager Golden Records, responding to the query, sure it’s…

Leaving Cedar Rapids

Jerry Harp
November 13, 2014
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We just wanted to get home, seven people in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, airport thrown together by bad luck, a late flight, and something resembling apathy. Because the flight carrying our crew from Chicago was running late, we would all…

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