About Brian Michael Murphy

Brian Michael Murphy is an Assistant Professor in the Core Division at Champlain College, and an Instructor in the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. He has published poems in SLAB, Birmingham Poetry Review, and CHEST, among other places. He holds a PhD in Comparative Studies from The Ohio State University, where he was a Presidential Fellow. He lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs. Follow him @raisedbymovies  

Speaking of “Thuggery”

“In the years after World War I, Florida was still a loosely policed frontier state. White Protestant mobs staged regular lynchings and beatings to intimidate black voters, drinkers and anyone…

Ghost City

Yesterday, someone asked me if I missed Columbus. I said that I missed certain people, and that I supposed I missed the city, too. “What places do you miss?” she…

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