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April Newsletter

This month’s newsletter features Why We Chose It by International Editor, John Kinsella, a podcast with Lauren Redniss, and much more!

Kenyon Review
Mar/Apr 2017

Volume XXXIX | Number 2

Selections from our latest issue available now:
Poetry by Paul Hetherington and Jaya Savige;
A story by Paddy O’Reilly;
And an excerpt from a story by Brenda Walker.

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We’ve Not Long Come In

By Sasha West

Or was I in my marriage bed, stuffed with hay, or
was I in the field between the plants’ burrs and hard globes
of dust in sun, or was I on the ice floor, or was I in a river
as I pushed you from my body. Once I brought you here

The Baby

By David Rutschman

The baby is by itself on a blanket. Expanse of grass, expanse of gray sky. The man flinches, and the flinch becomes a little shiver, a shiver of disgust almost.…

The Deed

By Gordon Lish

Before I die, which, you know, could happen—who can say when?—which could, for that matter, happen, for instance, right in the midst of my sitting here writing this, I would…

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Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker has written four novels and one memoir. The most recent novel, The Wing of Night (Penguin, 2006) won the Asher Award, the Nita B. Kibble Award, and was…

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By Laura Maylene Walter
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