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Unit Cell

By Lee Conell

On a Saturday afternoon in the lab, Sheila looks through her microscope and does not see the contents of her crystal trays, does not see drops of precipitant or protein sample. Instead she sees her dead twin sister. She blinks.…


An Essay

By Boyd Norton

Excerpt from Tickling the Dragon’s Tail: How I Once Blew Up a Nuclear Reactor and Went on to Save the World’s Wild Places:
One of the legendary stories of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos was about famed physicist…


The Half-Sacred Disease

By Natalie Mesnard and Patrick D. Watson

I remember disjointed details. It was winter, and we’d agreed to meet at a pub called the Blind Pig. I was wearing a tweed coat that felt like armor and wondering why I’d decided to go out. When I walked…

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KR Podcast with Ruth Ozeki

In this episode, Ruth Ozeki talks with Katharine Weber about her novels, her family story, and how the fictional moments in her 1995 autobiographical documentary film have since been mirrored by autobiographical elements in her fiction. Ruth Ozeki is a…

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October 2016

Why We Chose It by Nonfiction Editor Geeta Kothari, KR Awards and Knox Reads!, and new featured content from the website.

September 2016

Introducing the Poetics of Science issue (in print, in KROnline, and on the blog), Why We Chose It by Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky, and more!

August 2016

Why We Chose It by Book Review Editor Adam Clay, a report from Young Writers, and more!

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