The Future, The Present, The Past

Cody Walker
May 24, 2014
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So, 2150 looks to be a terrible year. We’ll still be ordering plastic junk and inadvertently killing one another. But at least irony will survive! As will a trace of sweetness. Both qualities may be found in this South Korean short film, which has been making the rounds these past two weeks and which is worth, say, fifty Godzillas:


May 24! It’s the birthday of Bob Dylan! And Queen Victoria! And Joni Mitchell’s mom! (From an interview with Mitchell: “I always think that birthdate is the day of the extreme moralist.”) I’ve blogged about Dylan here and here and here and here, and I’ve pored over his lyrics in ways that now seem to me a little obsessive. (At least I was never caught looking through his trash.) Here’s Loudon Wainwright III’s “Talking New Bob Dylan,” written (one guesses) twenty-three years ago today:

(Today is also the birthday of Bartolo Colon and Maru the Cat.)


It’s beginning to trouble me that my three-year-old daughter knows all of the words to “Let It Go.” The past is in the past? Even the most casual reader of Faulkner knows this isn’t true.

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