Meridian Stories and a Charming Video

David Lynn
January 24, 2014
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Here’s a lovely video by high school students, a creative engagement with a poem from The Kenyon Review, “Quake” by J. Allyn Rosser, which appeared in the Spring 2012 issue. The short film features original music by Samantha Saucier and was made under the direction of Devin McGrath-Conwell.

The effort comes out of an innovative program called Meridian Stories, a program based in Maine but with a creative ambition that will surely grow. They annually offer twenty digital storytelling competitions in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History for teams of students in middle and high schools. From an Edgar Allan Poe horror scene to a game show about exponential growth; a rap about former British Empire countries to a mystery scene that is solved by genetics, Meridian Stories’ mission is to provide students with an immersive curricular experience that explicitly prepares them for the workplace by challenging them to collaborate; compete; improve their media literacy skills; think creatively; problem solve; and lead.

I’m very pleased that this year three poems from KR were among the prompts given as challenges to these talented students. I plan to keep an eye on Meridian Stories–and I’ll hope they come back to The Kenyon Review for more inspiration.

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