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David Lynn
January 17, 2014
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KR has a new monthly podcast, and I’m really excited–I’ve been hoping to get something like this going for a long while. (Find it here.) The first one, which we posted in December, is a terrific story called “Cicadas” from the Fall 2013 issue of The Kenyon Review read by the author, Austin Smith. He’s an exciting young writer, currently a Stegner Fellow at Stanford.

And now we’ve posted the January edition, with Carl Phillips, the 2013 winner of the Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement, and other poets and contributors reading from their work in the Winter 2014 KR. It’s a great way to spend an hour in the car or while sweating on a post-New Year’s treadmill or just sitting in a chair with your eyes closed.

We’ve taken this long because we wanted to get it right–our standards are always high. And in the past it hasn’t been easy to get authors into a sound studio. But technology continues to advance–and our authors have become more comfortable in using it. On acceptance of their work, we now ask that they record it for us–even an iPhone microphone does an amazing job, if you can keep it away from rumbling traffic and other local intrusions.

Our editors then work out a balanced schedule and once a month we’ll post new editions.  Coming up, for example: winners of the 2013 KR Short Fiction Contest, and the celebrated author Roger Rosenblatt reading from his new memoir The Boy Detective. An excerpt of it appears in the Winter KR as well, and it’s fabulous.

I should hasten to add that there are many other audio treasures available at our growing KR Audio Library.

So here we go again–as part of our quest, our mission, to share the great literature of The Kenyon Review and KROnline with as wide an audience as possible, we’re delighted to engage yet another medium.

Subscribe to The Kenyon Review Podcast here.

Listen to the podcast and our other audio offerings here.

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